Legal Practice

In the new paradigm the role of a lawyer is as a facilitator of healing, unity and peace. This is reflected not only in how a lawyer relates to the client but also how a lawyer relates to him/herself and other colleagues during everyday life. The wholistic attitude stems from a shift in consciousness from “I” to “we” from which flows a change in behaviour where everything that one does is of benefit to the whole. It takes acting in the “best interests” of the client to the level of acting in the best interests of whole Earth community – as it is only that which serves the whole that can ultimately benefit the client in the long run. It requires giving values based advice that takes into account the wellbeing of the client on all levels and also the wellbeing of the whole Earth community, and oneself.

This is a drastic change from the current paradigm where a lawyer is simply giving one dimensional advice based primarily on the letter of the law, the financial interests of the client and how to win over the other. In order to foster this kind of attitude it is essential that the internal practice management procedures of the law firm reflect a shared power structure that lead to an environment where all people are equally valued.

There are some governance models that work well to achieve this. Most law firms are partnerships – a partnership deed is usually a very flexible document giving the members complete freedom to choose the way in which they wish to regulate their activities. Wholistic methods and principles can be very easily incorporated.

It is also essential to create a culture of work practices that prioritise the wellbeing on all levels of all members of the community that form that law firm. Practical tools to support and develop lawyers emotionally and spiritually that can be incorporated into the culture. Appraisals utilising wholistic tools can be used to examine the underlying dynamics in a given situation with a view to shifting the energy patterns for all so that healthy solutions can be co-created.

Through embracing a new paradigm of relating to each other internally, we can bring this into our work with clients effortlessly and effectively.


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