What we do

We are advocating an approach to law that is universal in its application. Whatever legal system you are operating under, we are confident that you will be able to incorporate the concepts presented by us into the way that law is approached in your country, evolving what’s there for the benefit of all.

We have four main areas of focus:

  • A co-creative partnership approach to the way laws and agreements are created
  • A trust-based, collaborative approach to how we work to resolve conflict, taking into account the impact on all stakeholders involved
  • A compassion based, wholistic approach to lawyer/client relationships and legal practice
  • Law-making that takes into account the inherent rights of all beings that comprise the Earth community, of which humanity is just one part

We aim to develop these areas of focus through:

  • Co-creation and sharing of wholistic tools and methods that can be applied by legal professionals and their clients, local governments and communities
  • Increasing awareness of the practical application of wholistic approaches to all aspects of law and legal practice and how this can benefit society.
  • Delivering training and workshops on wholistic approaches, tools and methodologies for legal professionals and communities.
  • Providing wholistic dispute resolution services that could work alongside or instead of adversarial processes.
  • Providing consultancy services to legal practitioners, local authorities and communities in our areas of focus.