Our Vision

Our Vision

Laws and legal practice that support healthy relationships with the whole Earth community, of which humanity is just one part.

Our Mission

To facilitate the birth of a new legal paradigm that:-

  • is based on the profound inter-existence of all of life, whole systems theory & research and ancient wisdom;
  • is in complete alignment with the universal principles that maintain peace, harmony and balance for all life on Earth; and
  • unites, heals and serves the whole Earth community.

Our Aims

  • To provide a forum for the co-creation and sharing of wholistic tools and methods that can be applied by legal professionals and their clients, local governments and communities.
  • To increase awareness within the legal profession of the practical application of wholistic approaches to all aspects of law and legal practice and how this can benefit society.
  • To provide education, training and workshops in wholistic approaches and methodologies for legal professionals and communities.
  • To promote and provide wholistic dispute resolution services.
  • By virtue of the above, to co-create a wholistic legal paradigm to operate initially¬†alongside the existing legal paradigm, until the existing paradigm is no longer needed and the wholistic paradigm becomes the norm.