Past Events

25-26 January 2014 in Findhorn, Scotland:

WHOLE Workshop – Working Holistically On Legal Education

WHOLE - Working Holistically On Legal Evolution









24-25 May 2013: Evolving Earth Law – Co-creating a New Legal Paradigm  and

26 May 2013: Voices for the Earth – A Workshop in Community Eco-Stewardship

Evolving Earth Law PDF – 24-25 May 2013  Despite the proliferation of environmental laws and treaties, global ecological destruction continues apace. No one benefits from the ‘power over’ paradigm that currently prevails. What will it take to create a more life-affirming approach to law – in service to the whole Earth community? 

Using recent innovations in systemic constellations and dialogue processes, our intention is to reveal and transform entrenched dynamics, working with:

  • live case studies with environmental groups;
  • the potential for change in our legal system, from adversarial to collaborative / retribution to healing; and
  • the hidden dynamics that prevent the rights of nature from becoming mainstream law.

Our legal system affects us all and is a product of our collective consciousness. Whether you are a lawyer, environmentalist or simply interested in our legal system and its potential for change, please join us for this consciousness-shifting weekend.

‘Voices for the Earth: A Workshop in Community Eco-Stewardship’, follows this event on Sunday 26th May (see details below). These are stand-alone events, however participants will gain most benefit from attending all 3 days. 

Voices for the Earth PDF – 26 May 2013  Everywhere eco-systems are being damaged by extractive industries, toxic waste dumping, inappropriate building work and careless manufacturing. 

Thoughtful communities are taking action and stepping forward to be stewards of their eco-systems. How could they be more effective at communicating? What tools are at their disposal to strengthen their voice and their case? What might they learn from each other?

Growing out of the movement for an international law of Ecocide initiated by Polly Higgins, the Voices for the Earth workshop is a new offering designed to help local communities take effective and skillful action.

We show how a local community can frame its own narrative for self-empowerment through asset mapping, Environmental Impact reporting and the Community Bills of Rights gaining ground in the U.S. Role-play and effective listening and communicating processes will be used, to examine an issue from different perspectives and work towards shared values.

Voices for the Earth follows on from the two-day Evolving Earth Law workshop, which is taking place in Findhorn on 24th and 25th May. Although both workshops can be attended as stand-alone events, participants will gain maximum benefit by attending all three days. Workshop price: By donation. Suggested donation £15 to help cover costs.