European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature

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Download a recent article in the Ecologist about this Initiative : EXTENDING CIVIL RIGHTS TO NATURE.

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To co-create a world in which our human laws facilitate a culture that:

  • respects the profound inter-existence of;
  • respects the intrinsic value of;
  • supports healthy relationships with; and
  • is in harmony with the universal laws that govern ALL life.


To ensure that rights of nature laws are adopted by the EU and all of its member states through bringing Citizens’ Intiatives at the European, National, Regional and Local levels.



  • facilitate a European Citizen’s Initiative for Recognising and Respecting the Intrinsic Rights of Nature (the “Initiative”), as described more fully below.
  • to facilitate simultaneous national, regional and local initiatives to produce a 2-way “cascade” effect;
  • research how Rights of Nature impacts EU law and policy and to address this in the ECI application form;
  • draft a Directive on the Rights of Nature to submit with the ECI application (not mandatory but a helpful step);
  • design, launch and coordinate a multi-media and petition campaign across. We need at least 7 EU member states to meet minimum requirements, however we aim  to run the Initiative in every EU member state;
  • collect at least 1 million statements of support from EU citizens from at least 7 member states for the Initiative via an online petition campaign;
  • liaise with the European Commission and represent the Initiative via a Citizens Committee comprising at least 7 EU citizens resident in at least 7 EU member states;
  • increase awareness about the need for a systemic shift from “utility value” to “intrinsic value” and how this underpins all of our current modern systems;
  • increase awareness about the need for systemic change and how Rights of Nature can bring this about;
  • increase understanding about the practical inadequacies of our current legal and economic system and empower citizens to bring about change from the bottom up;
  • increase citizens participation in decision making and access to environmental justice;
  • facilitate a cultural shift in the attitudes of the general public about our interdependence with nature through media, educational programmes and advocacy – moving from the illusion of “power over” to “power with”;
  • facilitate reconnection with nature within and without;

To find out more – download a copy of the project summary document here : ECI PROJECT SUMMARY DOCUMENT