What is Wholistic Law?


Wholistic law is an approach to law making, legal practice, conflict resolution and governance which aligns itself with the natural universal principles that govern all life. From this alignment, wholistic law naturally respects the profound inter-existence of the whole Earth community, of which human beings are just one part.

The core values upon which it is based are trust based co-operation; peace and respect for all beings. Wholistic law expresses itself by bringing these values into the way we create our laws and agreements, the way that lawyers work with their clients and colleagues and in the way that we approach the resolution of conflict. The role of a wholistic lawyer is therefore that of a facilitator of balanced and healthy relationships with all of life.

Our paradigms and the systems that emerge from them are a reflection of our collective consciousness – as such when our consciousness evolves, so do our systems and consequently our paradigms. As the tangible awareness of our profound interdependence and inter-existence with all of life increases, the systems that served us at a time when we believed ourselves to be separate are no longer relevant – we need something new that aligns with our new awareness – a paradigm that facilitates healing and serves the whole. The more aware we are of an inherent dynamic order that maintains the harmony and balance of creation, the more able we are to co-create a world that lives in alignment with the natural principles that govern all of life.

Click here for information about our inaugural events, which took place in Findhorn, Scotland from 24-26 May 2013.

Photograph reproduced courtesy of fabulousnature.com.